Copyright Notices (Copyright MX Mobiling Co., Ltd.)

The documents, photographs, illustrations and videos (hereafter referred to as "Content") featured on the MX Mobiling World Wide Web server (hereafter referred to as "the Server") is subject to protection by MX Mobiling Co., Ltd. (referred hereafter as "The Company") and other third parties.

The Company allows the public to reproduce the Content available online by downloading and other means, provided that users' objectives for copying and reproducing are wholly for personal reasons and usage is limited to internal use in their homes and other similar circumstances. The Content that bears the copyright protection marks of The Company and other third parties can only be reproduced with the copyright protection marks attached.

For copying and reproducing content for purposes other than those described above, if the copyright notice includes conditions stipulated by the copyrights holders for the re-use of the Content, users are allowed to re-use them only in accordance with the described conditions. However, for reproductions that do not fall within the parameters of the above-mentioned general permission or to the Copyrights Law, prior permission must be obtained for any reproduction/translation and public distribution of the content. Any use of the content without permission, regardless of purpose or type of use, is strictly prohibited.

The Company accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to the copyright of the Company and the third parties, patents, trademarks and other rights related to content on the Server. The Company accepts no responsibility with regard to the information contained in the Content on the Server. In addition, the company accepts no responsibility with regard to the content available on the other servers linked to the Server.

Please note that the content uploaded on the Server is subject to change without notice. E-mails sent to our customers are addressed to them personally. Customers should refrain from republishing either in its entirety or parts therein of any e-mail message from the Company on their home pages or to distribute them to an unspecified number of users.

Please also note that copying or changing any such e-mail message without the Company's permission may violate the Copyright Law.

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