Privacy Policy

MX Mobiling Co., Ltd. (hereafter "the Company"), as an organization handling customers' important personal data, hereby defines the Company privacy policy. We are committed to promoting and carrying out this policy, and strive to protect our customers' rights and privileges relating to personal information.

MX Mobiling will work diligently to use the customer’s specific personal information including “my number”, taking necessary and appropriate measures, such as handling the specific personal information distinctively from other personal information, by limiting staff to take responsibility, only within the scope of the purpose of use permitted by law or regulation due to the importance of the handling. 

(Note that the original is in Japanese):

MX Mobiling Privacy Policy

  1. The Company will thoroughly educate and instruct all involved, from directors to employees, in order to make this privacy policy common knowledge, and continuously promote and educate the corporate membership on the importance of protecting individual personal data.
  2. The Company will appoint a privacy protection manager in each department which handles private data to be responsible for the appropriate collection, handling and redistribution of this data.
  3. The Company will employ organizational, personal, physical, and technical measures to manage the risk of unauthorized access, destruction, falsification, loss or leakage of private data, and work to promote and improve secure management of this data.,
  4. Before receiving private data from customers, the Company will disclose the intended use, will inform of the scope of redistribution to third parties if any, will provide a contact for any inquiries with respect to the data, and further, and will ensure customers' agreement before accepting the data.
  5. The Company will not provide private data to any third party, except after receiving agreement from the customer, or in cases required by law.
  6. In any case that the Company entrusts handling of the private data received from customers to a third party, it will ensure by contract, that the consignee employ due measure to prevent leakage, duplication, or further consignment of the private data to other parties, and that appropriate and required supervision of the contract conditions is in place.,
  7. The Company shall establish an Inquiries Desk that will, within reasonable scope and upon receiving requests through prescribed channels, honor all inquiries, change requests, and requests to stop use of a customer's own private data, as well as appropriately responds to complaints and requests for consultation.
  8. The Company will observe all Japanese laws and ordinances related to private data, as well as follow related norms, standards and our own internal regulations. Furthermore, the Company will continually re-evaluate and work to improve its private data management practices.

Established January 6, 2003
Revised December 14, 2015

MX Mobiling, Ltd.

Regarding the handling of personal information on the Company website

  1. On parts of the Company website, in order to meet individual customer needs, and to improve and customize website content and services, "Cookie" technology is used. Cookies are used to distinguish one customer's computer from another, but apart from specific data entered by the user, the cookie cannot be used to identify individuals.
    It is possible for the user to reject the use of cookies by adjusting browser settings, but as a result, some features of the web site may become unusable.
  2. When the company receives private data via the website, in order to prevent interception by third parties, encryption with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) or corresponding security technology is used.
    Depending on the customer's computer environment, in rare cases this technology cannot be used.
  3. Some of the links on the Company website may lead to other websites not belonging to the Company. We take great care in selecting the links which are included in the website; however, the Company cannot bear any responsibility with respect to the protection of private data or the content on sites other than the Company site.

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