Quality Policy

Regarding the establishment of MX Mobiling's Quality Policy

For the continued existence of the company and its business development, the activities with a focus on customers are absolutely essential. The ability to fast grasp what customers are thinking and what they want, and being able to continuously provide the products and services they want brings customer satisfaction, leading to an eternal development of a company.

With this philosophy as a core, MX Mobiling has set Product Quality Policy and an action guideline that pursues it. Therefore, not only the managers, but also each individual staff recognize each role in fulfilling customer satisfaction requirement when they conduct their duties, and put into practice their required role.

Basic Policy

Dedicating all to our valued customers

Action Guideline

The Action Guideline in practicing fundamental quality policy is elaborated below:

  1. "Provide customer with satisfaction" is the common objective of every personnel who participate in our company business activities.
  2. Maintain the strongest business ethics, and observe all legal requirements regarding product safety, fair trade and consumer protection related matters as a primary objective of each employee's, and all corporate, activity.
  3. Acquire immediately customer feedback on product and services provided, and pave the way for our improvement activities.
  4. Establish the quality objective of every Division and assure the implementation of PDCA through policy deployment.
  5. Seek for individual skills development and job motivation, additionally, strive for enhancement of business quality through small group activities.
  6. Determine the necessary competence in job accomplishment, and exert effort in securing that competence.
  7. Perform Division Director review and Management review, and work for continual improvement of Quality Management System.

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